King Forged TEC

What it does: By using multiple materials, Cobra is able to bring speed to an iron with a traditional shape and continue to enhance feel and distance. The muscle-back shape hides the fact the head is hollow and uses a thin face for enhanced ball speed and a higher launch. A 20-gram tungsten toe weight is positioned in a way that allows the centre of gravity to be more in line with the face’s centre. This helps provide a satisfying feel on centre hits and assists stability on off-centre strikes. Another nod to sound and feel comes with a lighter, softer foam inside the 1025-carbon-steel clubhead.

Why we like it: Cobra’s Forged Tec irons possess a solid history, which is why the company is introducing its fourth iteration of this hollow-body iron. However, just because the name is the same does not mean significant enhancements have been bypassed. The five-step forging process and softer foam created a lower sound that appeals to better players. Because the foam is lighter, more weight can be moved down low to foster a better launch angle. The slimmer topline with reduced offset provides a look that says this is a players-distance iron that looks like a players iron.

7-iron loft 29.5 degrees; pw loft 44 degrees

Reviewer profile

“The dark matte finish hides the size. The sole is a bonus: wider with a unique bevel that provides silky smooth turf interaction.”

– Player comment

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