Sub 70

699 pro

What it does: Sub 70 is a direct-to-consumer golf-club brand based in Illinois, but its specialty is irons – in particular, irons for those who have some game. This one neatly straddles the design line between a players iron and a players-distance iron by providing a sleek hollow-body design with a thin topline and reduced offset – all of which makes these irons workable for those preferring to shape or flight their shots. The body is filled with a thermoplastic urethane that serves as a sound damper. That’s needed in this iron because the 455-carpenter-steel face is just 1.7 millimetres thick. This is great for producing high ball speeds but can also emit unwanted noise and vibrations.

Why we like it: You might not have heard of Sub 70, but it is a brand known by better players. Although this club is made for the high single-digit handicapper, it looks and feels as if it were designed for a scratch player. The ultra-thin face helps produce an iron with real power, and the sole delivers the kind of playability a user of this kind of iron demands. What’s the stock shaft, you say? The choice is yours with more than 60 options to select.

7-iron loft 30 degrees; pw loft 43 degrees

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“The ball launches low in a controlled way with exceptional distance. It looks like a game-improvement iron, but you can work it into the green like a blade.”

– Player comment

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