JPX 923 Forged

What it does: Mizuno is highly regarded for its ability to embrace technology that is equal parts materials and real-world application. Consider the face in the 4 through 7-iron. It’s forged from a super-strong nickel chromoly steel that is transformed into the thinnest forged face in company history at 2.2 millimetres. The company’s new “V-chassis” structure uses a notch in the perimeter to distribute more mass high and in the low-toe area. This helps stabilise the iron by strengthening those corners of the clubhead, improving performance, sound and feel despite the thin face.   

Why we like it: Distance is the desire here, and the ball takes off like a dragster racing towards the green thanks to a little extra zip on the 4 through 6-iron, which feature a wider back-milled “micro-slot” deep within the sole cavity (the slot is slightly narrower on the 7-iron). The extra-thin face yields a deeper centre of gravity for an easier launch. Distance, however, is only part of the equation. You need control with the short irons. In this case, that means forging the 8-iron through gap wedge from soft 1025E carbon steel instead of the zippier nickel chromoly used in the longer irons.

7-iron loft 30 degrees; pw loft 44 degrees

Reviewer profile

“At address it looks compact and sleek, like a proper players iron. Impact makes me feel like a great player. The sound is crisp and communicative.”

– Player comment

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