Stealth 2 Plus

What it does: This is TaylorMade’s fourth generation of compact titanium fairway woods, and each time these clubs find another gear. Whether it’s a stronger, faster titanium alloy in the face or a huge weight pad that lowers the centre of gravity, TaylorMade makes the case that titanium can do for a fairway wood what it has been doing for drivers. TaylorMade’s designers took that weight pad and made it adjustable in a way that would make Tony Stark jealous. The steel weight slides backward and forward (basically into a garage), letting players tweak launch and spin preferences. This is all accomplished without negatively affecting turf interaction.

Why we like it: If there was a problem with the first versions
of TaylorMade’s titanium fairway woods, it was that they tended to be designed for better players because of their compact size and low-forward (and less forgiving) centre-of-gravity position. The new moveable weight pad is an effective way to dial in spin preferences, but it also makes this fairway wood 20 percent more forgiving when the weight slides all the way to the back – all without having to make the head larger and harder to hit off the ground.

Lofts 15, 18

Reviewer profile

“Nice carbon-composite thump to it, aggressive feel. Good adjustability to find the ideal ball flight. I prefer the rising trajectory. Turf interaction is exceptional.”

– Player comment

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