What it does: Honma likely got your attention in recent years for selling gold-plated drivers and irons, but this brand has been a tour staple in Japan for decades, and its TW757 line continues the tradition of classic-looking, technologically rich designs. (We know what you’re thinking, but the TW stands for Tour World.) These fairway woods fit a very classic, compact profile (the 3-wood is just 175 cubic centimetres), but like the smartly dressed Oddjob, their top hat cuts a mean swath. The 3-wood uses a weight-saving carbon-composite crown to lower the centre of gravity for less spin, and the entire line features a maraging-steel cupface that wraps around the crown, sole and toe. This creates more ball speed and higher launch.

Why we like it: The best technology doesn’t distract you. Ideally, it should surprise you. A nearly clandestine back weight in the sole provides ample stability, but hidden within the sole of each fairway wood are progressive weight pads that position the centre of gravity in the ideal location for each loft. Also not seen but clearly felt are the vertical ribs on the backside of each face to create more ball speed from heel to toe and crown to sole.

Lofts 15, 18, 21

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“This club is so anonymous-looking it could be in the witness-protection program. Straight, long and forgiving. Nothing else you could want.”

– Player comment

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