ST-Z 230

What it does: The equipment rules state that if you cut a complete opening in the sole of a clubhead, it has to be filled with something. In most cases that slot is filled with a polymer that gives enough at impact to help the face flex more. For Mizuno, though, that wasn’t the best use of that space. The polymer – thermoplastic urethane in this case – is a start towards more distance, but a stainless-steel weight bar is also placed in the middle of that polymer. The weight helps lower the centre of gravity for less spin and a higher launch.

Why we like it: These fairway woods probably fit a better player’s eye, but they neatly hide the elements that allow them to play with the additional forgiveness average golfers need. Those include a lightweight carbon-composite crown that frees up mass for a rear weight screw and internal weight pad. Together, they increase stability on off-centre hits and produce a higher launch. Furthermore, the adjustable heads make it easier for the average golfer to play a higher-lofted 3-wood in case you need an even higher launch. A multiple-thickness face pattern is thinner than a quarter for maximum flexing and to help turn those mediocre hits into something like good ones.

Lofts 15, 18

Reviewer profile

“A compact hammer at impact, knocking it out there over and over with the same medium-high trajectory. The dimensions nicely frame the ball. Shots land softly.”

– Player comment

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