Ping’s G425 seeks to add speed, but it can’t match what the company calls it’s longest iron to date – the G710. Like its predecessor, the G710 irons use a maraging-steel face insert surrounded by a 431 stainless-steel hollow body. The face provides metalwood-like flex that launches the ball higher. This allows for slightly stronger lofts throughout the set without sacrificing the shot-stopping ability that comes with height on iron shots. Tungsten weights in the toe and heel supply extra stability on off-centre hits to help mitigate the loss of ball speed. That’s important because it provides golfers more distance control. The wide sole makes it easier to glide through the turf (and when taking more turf than desired, too). A thin layer of hot melt – a polymer that can be melted – is placed behind the face to ensure a pleasant sound. If you’re looking to work on specific areas of your game, each iron comes with an Arccos embedded sensor in the grip to automatically record and analyse every shot taken during a round when paired with the Arccos Caddie app. Golfers receive a 90-day free trial of the app and extra sensors to use on other clubs when purchasing six or more irons.

7-IRON LOFT 29.5 degrees PW LOFT 44 degrees

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“Probably the best looking club out here. I’m a sucker for a black finish. The distance not only is there, but it’s predictable.”

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