0311 XP Gen3

The XP in the club’s name stands for “xtreme performance”. The neat trick is how the iron achieves this with a clubhead that isn’t obnoxiously large – a refreshing change from some in this category. Maintaining the company’s hollow-construction roots, the fast-flexing face is supported by two polymers inside the head: one is soft to foster speed and provide a cushiony feel; the other is firm to reinforce the face. A 360-degree channel along the perimeter expands the sweet spot and gives those who miss the centre of the face the opportunity to get away with less-than-perfect swings on occasion. Some of the saved weight is redistributed lower and along the perimeter of the clubhead for additional forgiveness and stability. One really cool feature of this iron is the computer-milling of the grooves. The benefit of computer-milling is it gives PXG’s engineers more control over the groove geometry. This results in grooves that approach the R&A and USGA limit for maximising spin. It’s hard to find fault with PXG’s strategy. The company has made an iron that delivers valuable benefits to golfers who typically struggle, and it does it in a design that doesn’t scream game improvement.

7-IRON LOFT 28 degrees PW LOFT 42 degrees

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“Aggressive swings are rewarded with more distance with limited risk. The forgiveness in such a sleek look is surprising.”

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