Although it might not seem like it with the rising number of pricey new clubs residing in golf shops, innovation in equipment is usually restricted to some degree. Companies might have a lot of theoretical solutions to produce a club that generates more distance and forgiveness, but those ideas either can cost too much to produce or cannot be properly manufactured in quantity given current methods and design. Four years ago, Titleist threw that convention aside and set out to achieve a new level of performance with the ability to make more than a handful of them, cost (and cost to the consumer) be damned. The result was its CNCPT line of irons, a high-tech pursuit of ball speed and distance. The CP-04 is the most game-improvement iron in the family, boasting a larger size and more offset and using the same “super metal” material found in other CNCPT irons to max out ball speed. The CP-04 irons also break ground with an average of 100 grams of tungsten built internally into the heel and toe for improved stability. For perspective, that’s nearly double the tungsten used in Titleist’s other game-improvement iron, the T300, which averages 52 grams in the long and short irons.

7-IRON LOFT 30 degrees PW LOFT 43 degrees

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“Futuristic style seems like it just rolled off a Detroit auto-show floor. Great muscle-back look with a strong ball flight, even when hit thin.”

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