What it does: There’s nothing remarkable about the material used for the NS210. It’s a fairly basic stainless steel that is cast as opposed to forged. What the iron lacks in exotic metal it makes up for using geometry, starting with a large, pocket-cavity construction. The use of stainless steel allows for a complex internal structure that includes thinning the sole at the leading edge so that this common impact area flexes, resulting in more distance on shots struck low on the face. The Nippon N.S. Pro 850GH Neo stock shaft is light (88 grams) with a mid kick-point that is ideal for this player type.

Why we like it: Never heard of Nexgen? Though it has a significant presence in Japan, it is new to the global market. As with any iron in this category, it needs to be helpful on mis-hits. That’s accomplished by placing internal and external weight towards the toe area. This raises the moment of inertia to reduce the loss of ball speed on off-centre strikes and provides extra heft in an area where less-skilled players tend to make contact. Although single-piece castings don’t often need much help achieving a pleasing sound, Nexgen uses a three-layer badge in back to reduce the few unwanted vibrations.

7-iron loft 29 degrees; pw loft 43 degrees

Reviewer profile

“It looks and feels lightweight and has a nice click at impact. The flight is piercing yet not without the ability to control. One of the longer clubs I’ve hit.”

– Player comment

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