Launcher XL Halo

What it does: Golfers have two choices in this category: an all-iron set or one in which the irons are mostly hybrid-like. Few do the latter better than Cleveland. This model keeps the longer blade length and hosel from its previous version and increases forgiveness across a wider area of the face by borrowing technology from sister brand Srixon. Specifically, the Launcher XL Halo uses variable-thickness patterns milled into the back of each face to increase ball speed and forgiveness, just what golfers in this category need.

Why we like it: Think of the name for a moment. Launcher: the wide soles push weight down low to help get the ball in the air with amazing ease. XL: although the oversize hybrid-style irons might not appeal to everyone, the technology can benefit just about anyone because the size and hollow body allow weight to be placed where it’s needed most – low and back. Halo: The increase in moment of inertia (less ball speed loss on mis-hits) is 17 percent higher compared to the previous version, offering the kind of forgiveness you would expect from a club with this name. Add it all up and using these will make you feel better about yourself.

7-iron loft 30 degrees; pw loft 44 degrees

Reviewer profile

“They’re like a fountain pen with an eraser. Forgiveness is exemplary as mis-hits are mostly covered up. Plenty of distance. You can hit this as high as you want.”

– Player comment

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