Studio Stock (2021)

The first thing Bettinardi fans will notice is the same clean shape of the Studio Stock series. Then, they will see a completely new face. With input from its tour staff, the company has rolled out a series of asymmetrical grooves that are engineered to create more topspin at impact. This shortens the distance the ball needs to begin its end-over-end forward roll. The result is distance consistency on putts of any length. The roll technology didn’t mess with the feel of these models – all single-piece milling from stainless steel, as usual. The “diamond blast” finish offers a sleek look and less glare, and the black sightline on the flange helps with alignment. An array of hosel and head-shape options – including an armlock version of the wider, heel-shafted SS28 – cater to any player’s stroke preference. 

SPECS 6 models; head weight 358, 400 grams; length 32-42 inches

Reviewer profile

“Great feel; the ball rolls out like it has its own gyro stabiliser. Doesn’t take much effort to swing the head.”

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