Matte Black Series

SIK maintains that most players cannot match the shaft angle from address to impact with consistency, leading to different launch angles and poor distance control. The solution: a face with descending lofts. Four flat surfaces are milled into the head with each plane descending by 1 degree of loft. Whether the shaft leans forward at impact with a downward strike or you contact the ball on an upswing, the differing contact points impart the same launch angle, leading to a more consistent roll. Impressive as this science is, sound and feel are not lost. Each head is milled from 303 stainless steel for a classic touch. The matte-black finish is designed for extreme durability and high contrast. Armlock versions include the LAGP graphite shaft made famous by Bryson DeChambeau.

SPECS 3 models; head weight 360-390 grams; length 31-44.5 inches

Reviewer profile

“Love the way the sleek all-black look transitions from shaft to putter. Soft, consistent roll from the moment of impact.”

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