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Three of our favourite sunscreens for golf right now.

We can all remember those days when Mum nagged us to put on sunscreen before running out of the house to go play. Now that we’ve grown up, we have come to realise that Mum was right – using SPF daily is essential, even under overcast skies. As golfers, finding the perfect sunscreen can be hard. It can’t be too greasy or else our hands will slip. Spray sunscreen is a controversial topic because the application is less exact, there’s the negative impact of aerosols on the environment and the potential for containing harmful carcinogens. If you absolutely must, it’s better to use spray sunscreen than nothing at all, but most sprays have to be rubbed in anyway, so we’ll always recommend lotion sunscreen over spray.

As annoying as it can be, sunscreen is serious business, and shouldn’t be taken lightly. Just a quick application before you head to the first tee isn’t enough, either. If you want the best protection you must re-apply it throughout your round or practice session. But just because it’s serious doesn’t mean it has to be painstakingly difficult.

La Roche Posay, spotted everywhere at LIV Golf Adelaide in April, has developed a broad range of sun protection from face sunscreens, body sunscreens and tinted sun protection to help you find sun protection that’s easy to incorporate into your daily skincare routine to support skin against sun damage. Here are three of favourite products from their latest range on full show at Grange Golf Club. – Addie Parker

Anthelios XL Anti-Shine Dry Touch Facial Sunscreen SPF50+ 50ml provides broad spectrum very high UVA/UVB protection. Ideal for oily, acne-prone skin, this light but mattifying cream is non-greasy and non-comedogenic, made for sensitive skin. 

Anthelios Invisible Fluid Facial Sunscreen SPF 50+ 50ml is a lightweight daily facial sunscreen made for sensitive skin providing very high UVA/UVB protection while delivering an invisible finish. This fragrance-free, organic filter (also known as chemical) facial sunscreen is suitable normal to combination skin and also specifically designed for sensitive skin types. The invisible fluid sunscreen formula is non-greasy and non-comedogenic, meaning it protects your skin without clogging pores. It is also non-eye-stinging.

Long-term exposure to UV rays can damage skin cells and generate solar keratosis (also known as actinic keratosis). Solar keratosis can appear as persistent raised, rough, dry and scaly patches or lesions on areas of the skin with high sun exposure (face, hands, ears, lips, scalp and chest). They can be first signs of skin cancer development and vary in colour from skin colour to red pigmented. Solar keratosis most commonly occurs in those older than 40 after extensive exposure to UV radiation from the sun, e.g. outdoor workers. Those with solar keratosis have a five times higher risk of developing a potential skin cancer in their lifetime.*

Anthelios KA+ sunscreen can aid in the prevention of solar keratosis, may assist in preventing some skin cancers, may reduce the risk of some skin cancers, can aid in the prevention of premature skin ageing and can aid in the prevention of sunspots.

Many harmful skin cancers can begin as a solar keratosis/actinic keratosis lesion, so it is important to monitor the skin for any changes to moles or lesions by booking a regular full body skin check with a dermatologist or specialist GP.