What are the things I get asked the most about on Twitter? 1. Tiger Woods. 2. Your golf swing.

We’ll save Tiger for another day, but if you want help with your swing, here are a few tips for shooting it that will help me – or whoever’s looking – provide useful advice.

The two main ways to look at the swing are face-on (directly across from the player) and down the line (aiming the camera downrange). Both angles have their advantages. Face-on shows some setup angles, the grip, body position and weight shift, but it isn’t the best view for a thorough diagnosis.

If you’re picking one angle, shoot down the line, from behind the player looking at the target [above. Set the camera about chest high and on an imaginary line halfway between the ball and the feet. Make sure it’s far enough back so the whole club is visible throughout the backswing. Have a friend hold the camera, or clip it to your bag or cart.

From there, you can see the club swing in relation to the target and where the ball starts in relation to where you’re aiming. I’m looking for the thing that causes your big miss. You don’t have to see – or fix – everything, but an accurate video is important.

– Hank Haney is based at the Hank Haney Golf Ranch, Texas. To get fixed in Golf Digest, send Hank your swing on Twitter: @HankHaney.