Greg Norman’s storied golf room is the stuff of legend. It makes most golf museums look like shoe racks.

From hickory-shafted relics to the famous persimmon drivers he wielded like no other player on the planet, this treasure chest of golfing memorabilia has to be seen to be believed.

Well, unfortunately you won’t be given that opportunity ever again. But, you do have the chance to actually OWN(!) some of it.

The Shark has made the big decision to offload all of his prized possessions for charity. Whether he’s just sick and tired of having to relocate them in between moving houses or not, who knows? The amazing thing is, you have a chance to add one of those famous Cobra King drivers, or maybe even the Ping Anser putter he used to win the 1993 Open Championship, to your bag…. or pool room.

“There are clubs that I have personally built, shaped and experimented with over the years,” Norman tells Australian Golf Digest.

“You talk about adjusting the weight in clubs like they do in today’s drivers with a wrench – I used to do that in the ’80s by taking the sole plate off my persimmon driver, drill holes in the bottom and move the lead that I had melted and weighted and poured it into the holes to get the right ball flight.

“I was also the first to play with a full set of graphite irons, which I’ve included in this sale. I was the first to place the spine of a shaft in the same position – 4 o’clock or 8 o’clock – of whatever was my favourite iron. I always took apart every set sent to me by whichever company I represented. I wanted to make sure each club was 100 percent identical. I spent hours in my workshops.”

And now all that hard work can benefit you. From now until July 18, don’t miss your opportunity to bid on any one of these pieces on “The Golf Auction”, with all proceeds going towards the First Tee junior program.

“I’m happy to see that many of my clubs, golf bags and putters from my career will find happy home,” adds Norman. “I decided the best option was to use the memorabilia to raise money for charity.”

To get your slice of Sharky history, head to and make a bid for a worthy cause.