Here’s the thing about sinkholes: once they open up, they just keep getting bigger, swallowing trees, cars, houses – anything unfortunate enough to find itself in its radius. Including golfers.

Last weekend, a huge sinkhole opened at Fox Hollow Golf Club in Utah and within it a violent churn of water more likely to be seen in Class 5 rapids than on a par 5. Despite the obvious danger, a few golfers couldn’t resist pulling out their phones and posing for videos along the edge of the collapsing earth. What happened next was a surprise to only them.


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You can see the ground give way beneath the filmer’s feet as they back-pedal away from the edge. That’s enough to convince his mate that maybe balancing his full body weight on a clump of dirt and grass is a bad idea. He quickly stands up and retreats, and not a second too soon as the ground he was sitting on is sucked into the pit.

Pretty wild stuff overall but let this be a lesson to everyone. If you see a cool-looking hell portal at your course, give it a wide berth. If you want to film it for your budding golf TikTok with 30 followers, go ahead and do that, but do it from a safe distance. Oh, and whatever you do DON’T SIT ON THE DAMN EDGE.