Fujikura’s Ventus shafts have become the most popular in the game, including wins in more than half the events played on the PGA Tour this year. The company announced Monday the latest upgrade to the line, the new Ventus Red and Ventus Black, both featuring the upgraded VeloCore+ technology first revealed earlier this year with the upgraded Ventus Blue.

Each of the new Ventus shafts reflect the idea of creating more stability without an excessively rigid feel. That result is based on VeloCore, which refers to the way multiple high-stability carbon fibers are oriented in the tip section. On the driver shafts, it’s done in a way to reduce twisting in the head that essentially enhances how stable the head is on off-center hits. That reduced twisting is designed to create more solid impacts combined with a tighter downrange dispersion.

This year’s Ventus shafts, the first comprehensive upgrade to the lineup since it was first introduced five years ago, feature an upgraded version of the technology, called VeloCore+, uses an additional premium bias core material to further stabilize the shaft both before and during impact for more consistent center face contact for better energy transfer, more stability in the head on mishits and tighter downrange dispersion. The idea, in effect, is to boost the moment of inertia of the club (resistance to twisting on off-center hits) through the stability of the shaft.

The key is the use of the additional full-length bias carbonfiber material. This element is a pitch-70-ton material to add further strength and stability to the overall shaft.

“VeloCore+ takes the proven combination of ultra-premium bias core materials, enhances key features and introduces a third material to offer players increased consistency, improved feel, more speed and more distance overall,” said Fujikura’s Spencer Reynolds.

Despite the additional material, the overall stiffness profile of the new Ventus Blue, Red and Black shafts is very similar to the originals. The Ventus Blue is designed as a low-spin, mid-launch flight profile. The new Ventus Red targets a mid- to high-launch profile. The new Ventus Black is the lowest spin product in the lineup, designed for those after a more penetrating ball flight.

All three models feature Fujikura’s “Phantium” finish, a lightweight paint technique that optimizes weight savings (up to six grams).

The new Ventus Red and Black shafts will join the new Ventus Blue at retail July.

This article was originally published on golfdigest.com