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‘Sticking’ the finish indicates the rest of the golf swing was probably pretty good as well

I am yet to come across a golfer who doesn’t want a little bit more consistency or distance out of their golf shots, and where players finish their golf swing can be a tell-tale sign of how proficient their motion was.

Very commonly, I’ll see a recreational golfer finish their swing with their chest down, their arms bunched and their knees flexed. This is very different to what we see with professionals where the pelvis is forward, the chest is tall and the arms are extended – that’s the effect to the cause of an efficient, powerful and dynamic motion.

Amateur golfers can take a leaf out of the professionals’ book and at least get a feeling of what it would be like to finish in this poised position.

Here’s a quick summary of what you should do to ensure you’re getting into this position:

1. Set up with a stick about a grip length outside your lead hip. This is going to be a reference of where you want your belt buckle to finish.

2. Make some small practice swings to start, ensuring your hips are pushing forward enough in the transition stage from backswing to downswing (this happens earlier than you might think).

3. Upon completion, you want the belt buckle touching the stick.

4. Finally, slowly build up to your full swing speed, focusing solely on finishing in a poised, tall and balanced position.

If you have done this correctly it will give the powerful sensation of what it feels like to use the ground as a big power source (something your favourite golfer does) and deliver the most amount of force, translating that speed into the ball.

Watch the full video here:

Kerrod Gray is an industry-awarded PGA professional and the spearhead of a new generation of golf coaches. He is based at Joondalup Resort in Perth. Visit for more.