Accelerator Pro RRP: $119.95

Accelerator Pro (pictured above) lets you practise key putt lengths on a true-roll surface. Precise alignment guides at three, five and seven feet assist every aspect of your putting motion – squaring the face, backswing, and follow through – for greater accuracy and distance control on every putt. For more golf training aids, visit

Birds Of Condor Flush Puppy Tie Dye Cap RRP: $44.95

A nostalgic remix of tie-dye, this Flush Puppy cap from Aussie golf apparel brand Birds of Condor is a quirky-yet-stylish accessory. The five-panel cap has a vintage fit with a lightweight wear and an easy structured crown. Check out the whole range at

Archie Rose Distillers Strength Gin RRP: $99

The Archie Rose Distiller’s Strength Gin (alcohol 52.4%) is an overproof gin that is an extension to their core range for those who love bigger, bolder flavours. Each of the 15 botanicals is distilled separately, which, albeit much more labour intensive, ensures absolute clarity when extracting the botanical flavours while yielding a more intensely flavoured distillate. This differs from the more traditional ‘one-shot’ distillation method whereby all botanicals are loaded into the still and distilled in one run. See the full range at

Bushnell Golf Wingman RRP: $299

Let Dad unleash his inner DJ on the course with Wingman. This “first of its kind” product combines high-quality audio with the ability to receive audible GPS distances and conveniently mounts to your cart bar via BITE magnetic technology. Visit for more details. 

Australian Golf Digest All-Access Pass $3.33 per month

For the gift that will keep on giving, get Dad a digital subscription to Australia’s No.1 golf magazine. Our new all-access pass will allow him to read every issue of AGD at his fingertips, plus unlock a treasure trove of exclusive video content, from world-class instruction, golf-course profiles and player interviews, to equipment reviews and tournament highlights. Let Dad take virtual lessons from Tiger Woods for less than the price of one coffee per month. Sign him up now at