My A Swing technique will cheer you up

Many amateurs have swing issues that start on the way back. They pull the club severely to the inside and around the body and, as a result, roll the clubface wide open. This leads to an awkward and ineffective downswing, resulting in any number of bad shots. In my new book, The A Swing, I explain how to fix this problem. Here I’ve simplified it into four steps.

1. Clubface At The Ball
Keep the face of the club “looking” at the ball for as long as possible during the takeaway. Eliminating excessive face rotation helps keep the club moving back on a straighter (less inside) path.

2. Don’t Roll The Forearms
As you swing the club back using my new A Swing, the right arm stays higher than the left – the forearms do not roll over halfway back. This keeps the club in front of the body instead of drifting way to the inside.

3. Hinge The Club Upward
About a third of the way back, start setting your wrists. This gets the shaft going on an upright plane, like it’s pointing towards the sky. As you do this, feel your left arm staying “connected” to your chest.

4. Shoulders Stay Tilted
Your left shoulder should tilt down so the shoulders turn more vertically than horizontally. This helps the club move on an upward path, not around the body. Staying upright leads to a more effective downswing.

– David Leadbetter operates 24 golf academies worldwide.