Coco Gauff is still riding high from winning her first career grand slam at last week’s U.S. Open. But it appears her on-court skills don’t translate to her on-course skills.

Gauff was in golf mode as she decided to hit some golf balls on Wednesday at a Drive Shack. Or, rather, she decided to try to hit some golf balls. For someone with such amazing athleticism and hand-eye coordination, the following video is kind of shocking.

Thanks to our pal at Golf Magazine, Claire Rogers, for finding this clip of Coco whiffing twice before hitting a weak popup:

Tough scene. But you gotta love the 19-year-old having fun with that “gauff but can’t golf” caption. And, yes, we love seeing another celebrity getting into the game.

In the original post, you can hear one of her friends mockingly saying, “That’s a tennis champ right there. That’s an athlete.” But then that same person implores her to try harder and gives the tried-and-true golf advice—”Keep your head down”—which leads to Gauff at least making contact.

Coco won’t be quitting her day job/sport anytime soon, but we’ll call that progress. And, hey, golf is another lifetime sport like tennis so she’s got plenty of time to master it as well.

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