For the third year in a row, Club Car has been recognised by US Golf Digest with a prestigious Editor’s Choice Award for Best Golf Car.

This time, it was the company’s stylish new Tempo Connect, with its enhanced technology and entertainment system, that caught the editors’ attention in the Electric Riding Cart category.

“It is rewarding to be recognised by Golf Digest as we celebrate a milestone year, our 60th anniversary in the golf industry,” said Robert McElreath, vice president of connectivity for Club Car. “We remain committed to delivering the best golf car experience for golfers and the Tempo Connect delivers unprecedented connectivity, content and customisation to the course, all in an effort to move the game of golf forward.”

The Tempo Connect is the first golf car that includes both Visage Fleet Management – an industry-leading connectivity platform for golf operators to simplify operations, control costs and maximise course efficiencies – and Shark Experience, the premier in-car course entertainment system exclusive to Club Car and in partnership with Greg Norman Company and Verizon.

According to the Golf Digest Best Club Transport feature, the Tempo Connect earned the Editor’s Choice Award for many reasons.

“Although the cart has self-compensating double-reduction helical rack-and-pinion steering and dual hydraulic shocks, what drew us to this model was the Shark Experience that includes hole flyovers, swing tips, streaming music and the ability to watch or keep track of your favourite sporting event,” the American edition of our magazine said in its appraisal. “Better, the speakers are angled so you can hear clearly while in the cart but hear nothing as close as six or seven feet away.”

Club Car executives in Australia are hopefully of bringing the same technology here in the near future.