First it was the consumer line. Now it’s the commercial line offering a resource for customers to design their own vehicles.

Club Car has just introduced our Commercial Configurator – an online tool that allows customers to choose the features and accessories they need in their fleet of Club Car utility and transport vehicles.

“Right now, the six Carryall 500 and 700 models and the Transporter utility vehicles are the main products available for custom-build on the Configurator,” said Vickie Chiappetti, digital marketing leader for Club Car.

“But with all the combinations, that’s really 57 cars, with 489 accessories,” she said. “It’s a customisable, turnkey solution. And it’s the biggest and most challenging product line covered by this launch.”

But it’s more than just an automated accessory selector. The tool uses – and adds to – sophisticated analytics to help the customer make the right choices and Club Car run its business.

“We know that 70 percent of the buyers who access the website are new to Club Car,” Chiappetti said. “They don’t know us. So we show them that we are listening and, to point them in the right direction, we ask their industry, their role at the company and their business needs.

“Then, using that input, we introduce them to a product line that will meet those needs that cover a host of industries: education, resorts, government, construction and more.”

All the data collected feeds into the business planning.

The Configurator offers important benefits:

  • showcases the product line
  • builds brand and product awareness
  • shows the complexity of the products
  • expected to accelerate delivery

Dealers in the showroom are already using the Configurator to market the cars.

Expectations are high. The Onward consumer car has seen great success through its Configurator. The commercial vehicles could see similar results. Then, next up for a Configurator will be the golf car line.