Chris Berman is a legend amongst legends. He has more iconic catchphrases to his name—“HE COULD GO ALL THE WAY,” “Da Raiderrrrs,” “Back, back, back!”—than any other sportscaster in history. He helped to build ESPN from a niche network into The Worldwide Leader. He’s been through personal tragedy and came out the other side smiling. Maybe his gruff delivery wasn’t the best fit for golf, but he truly is the GOAT.

His golf game though? Well, that’s another story. On Wednesday, “Boom” made his annual appearance at the Travelers Championship Pro-Am—truly a tradition unlike any other. Berman smacked it around TPC River Highlands alongside Doug Flutie and co., surviving a punishing New England heatwave more or more less intact. His ego might not have emerged quite as unscathed, however, after colleague Scott Van Pelt delivered a hilarious recap of Boom’s performance on SportsCenter at Night.

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That side-by-side swing comparison with Scottie Scheffler is 24K gold. Judging by this highlight package, Berman may be on the fast track to replacing Charles Barkley as the celebrity golfer with the worst swing, but he was still out there juicing up the crowd and having a great time. Plus, like Bryson at Pinehurst last weekend, Berman’s touch around the greens remains pure class.

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