DON’T be fooled by its size. The Zepp 2 multi-sport sensor and software system from Zepp Labs may be small in stature but it’s packing some punch on tour.

The latest generation of Zepp’s sensor technology delivers instant evaluations and data-driven training to help improve your golf game – and it’s now available in Australia.

By attaching the lightweight and compact Zepp sensor to your golf glove, you can accurately measure metrics such as swing speed, vertical angle, backswing and more. The Zepp sensor data can then be transmitted via Bluetooth to your Android or iOS device, where it is instantly analysed and presented as a 3D, 360-degree visualisation of your swing. Suggestions for improvement are then provided by the personalised coaching facility within the app.

The device is proving to be a big hit on tour, with US PGA Tour player Keegan Bradley and LPGA star Michelle Wie both benefiting from the revolutionary gadget.

Zepp 2

“Technology is definitely changing he way we practise, especially devices like the Zepp 2 that provide instantaneous feedback,” says Wie. “Zepp has all the numbers I need to focus on to improve my game. I can even see the plane in my backswing and where it goes through my downswing.

“With Zepp 2 you don’t need a coach. You can be yourself out on the course. All you need is your smartphone. It’s going to be a great coaching tool for young kids.”

Zepp 2 builds on the original Zepp system’s capabilities with the addition of Smart Coach, which takes the guesswork out of training by instantly identifying where you need to focus your efforts and offering customised programs. The app even uses the voices of famous coaches and players to help improve your game.

In addition to training programs focussed on swing mechanics, the Smart Coach Zepp 2 app features fitness training plans for all Zepp app users, even those without a sensor. As users complete training programs to perfect their swing, Zepp makes it easy to undertake instant evaluations to see improvements in real-time and share progress across social media channels.

The sensor’s shape means it can be easily embedded into sporting equipment for golf, baseball, softball, and a variety of other sports.

Zepp 2 Golf is available from House of Golf, Golfbox, PowerGolf and selected IT retailers.
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