At the NFL Combine this spring, former FSU wide receiver delivered a knee-slapping assessment of his golf game, telling Buffalo Bills coaches he was more of a “Tiger WishHeCould” than a “Tiger Woods.” The honesty must have been refreshing for the Buffalo brass, who selected Coleman 33rd overall a few weeks later.

Pretty soon, Coleman will be snagging balls from GOATed golf nut Josh Allen, but he’s more bearish about playing golf his new QB. In a recent interview with CBS’ Bryant McFadden, Coleman bashed his golf game once again, saying he’s not good enough to play alongside the Bills’ Pro Bowl gunslinger … just yet.

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“I’m like ‘I ain’t golfing with you. We can’t bond over that’,” Coleman said. “We gotta go throw rocks at the lake or something. You [Allen] golfing golfing.”

Coleman’s game may need some work, but his ability to laugh at himself remains elite. Many golfers never learn that skill, no matter how many strokes they shave off their handicap.

We can’t really blame Coleman, though. We can all relate to being intimidated playing with better golfers, but we think he should give it a shot. We’re all in this crazy game together and the quickest way to learn to swim is to throw yourself in the deep end. Plus, it might help to build a rapport with Allen on the field. With Aaron Rodgers returning to the Jets and Tua and Tyreek locked and loaded for another season, the Bills are going to need all the chemistry they can get if they want to keep the AFC East crown.

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