This isn’t exactly a new story. It’s actually the sixth time we’re seen this story play out. Following in the footsteps of Babe Didrikson Zaharias, Shirley Spork, Annika Sorenstam, Suzy Whaley and then Michelle Wie, Brittany Lincicome will become the sixth woman to play in a US PGA Tour event. But while we’ve seen this happen before, the feeling is different. Instead of the “I can’t believe she’s doing this!” vibe, it’s one of support and welcome.

“All the guys on the putting green, in the lunch room, everyone has been super supportive, which is great. They’re all like, It’s great that you’re here. Thanks for coming. I was like, Thanks for having me,” said Lincicome.

In her Tuesday press conference, Lincicome talked about her fellow LPGA players and how they were quick to cheer her on when the announcement of her playing in the Barbasol Championship came out during the US Women’s Open in June. She’s been receiving text messages from players this week and some are even flying out to Keene Trace Golf Club in Kentucky to support her.

“Everyone on social media has been awesome as well. It’s great. You never know how they’ll handle it, but I haven’t had to block anybody and everybody has been very nice,” Lincicome joked.

Though the environment Lincicome has found at the Barbasol Championship has been a positive one, that doesn’t mean it’s one without pressure. Averaging 270 yards off the tee, she’s not concerned about her driving distance or her ability to play a course set at PGA Tour-length. She’s more concerned with the mental side of things.

Even after 14 years on the LPGA Tour, Lincicome says she gets nervous. In the playoff she was in last weekend, she said she was ‘shaking like a leaf’. Now, teeing it up at a PGA Tour event for the first time, she expects nerves again. She said she may give Sorenstam a call before Thursday, to ask her how she handled the pressure when she played against the men.

“The first three or four holes I’ll be a nervous wreck for sure,” said Lincicome.