If we told you last spring that Brandel Chamblee’s would soon be embroiled in a bitter online feud with Anthony Kim (yes, that Anthony Kim), you wouldn’t have believed it. Brooks Koepka? Sure. Phil Mickelson? OK. But 12 months ago, Kim was still a ghost. He’d barely been seen in over a decade and the prospect of him being paid seven figures to play professional golf was as remote as the icy moons of Pluto.

What a difference a year makes.

On Friday, Kim tore into Chamblee on X, calling him a “pussy” and “talentless fool” in response to Chamblee’s evolving takes on LIV Golf. One of the league’s most outspoken critics, Chamblee, like many, has begun to soften his stance on LIV, and Kim did not take kindly to that perceived hypocrisy.

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The vitriol Kim displayed was shocking, especially considering the positive tone of his social media before the outburst, but Chamblee didn’t back down. On Wednesday, the Golf Channel analyst met the attack head on, firing back with some jabs of his own during an interview with GolfWRX’s Matt Vincenzi.

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“I thought it was a bot, but it’s just somebody who’s been bought” is a bar that wouldn’t be out of place on a hip-hop diss track. Chamblee also likened Kim to an unsupervised kid in a McDonald’s ball pit, a veriatble petri dish of chaos, tears and disease. Chamblee had an opportunity to extend an olive branch on Wednesday, but instead reached for a Louisville Slugger.

Without missing a pitch, Kim swung right back.

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There are very few rules of engagement when it comes to online beef, but leaving family out of it is one of them. Safe to say, we have no idea where this goes from here. More nasty tweets are almost a certainty. A cease-and-desist from Reed & Reed attorneys at law is not out of the question. We’re not at PPV-celebrity-boxing-match status yet, but with the prize money the Saudis are putting up these days, never say never.

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