FOR the past 20 years, Tiger Woods has been the most watched, talked about, studied, analysed, scrutinised, envied and emulated golfer on the planet.

But popular golf broadcaster David Fehery says there is a Tiger Woods few people know – a character full of personality and one of the funniest golfers the Northern Irishman says he’s ever come across.

And as he readies himself to start working for NBC, Feherty told an anecdote that reveals the generous and comedic side of the 14-time Major winner.

“For one thing, he shows up at my foundation’s events for wounded military. He comes on his own, no cameras, has lunch with the boys. If a kid’s got one arm, Tiger will hit balls with one arm. Or no legs, he’ll hit it off his knees. And he’s so darn funny, but we beat that out of him by following him from the minute he arrives [at a Tour event].”

To illustrate his point, Feherty retold a joke Woods once delivered.

“I remember one time he says, ‘Hey Feherty,’ pulling the bill of his cap down so the cameras can’t read his lips. ‘What do you call a black guy flying an airplane?’ I say I don’t know. He says, ‘A pilot, you f–king racist.'”