The quest to prove Winston Churchill wrong (or was it Woodrow Wilson?) – namely, that golf’s “implements” are “singularly ill-designed for the purpose” – is nearly as old as the sentiment itself. But thanks to the modern-day clubfitter, that search, once a purely artisanal guessing game, is now a science-powered technological force that offers the most hope for golf’s future. Nothing helps your game as instantaneously as properly fit clubs.

International clubfitting powerhouse Club Champion’s research shows its customers drop an average of nearly four strokes after a fitting. And yet a recent study by Golf Datatech reveals that even among serious golfers, a third have never been fit for their clubs. (For all golfers, that number is decidedly higher.) The common objection: “I’m not good enough.” To that, we politely say, “Child, please,” or as one of our clubfitting experts reminds us, “You’re not good enough not to get fit.”

So we offer 50 Great Australian Clubfitters as inspiration to change your perspective. These facilities represent the range of fitting experiences, from national chain stores to high-tech golf studios that can optimise every element of your game. What follows is some of their best general clubfitting advice. Once you’re inspired, check our list to find the location ready to give a whole
new purpose to your implements.

i’m not good enough to be fit, right? how can you fit my inconsistent swing?

I love this question! My first response is, how do you know it’s not the equipment that’s causing the inconsistency? By that logic, the pros should never guide a ball into the trees, hit one short of the green or even miss a four-footer. But they do. A fitting is not based on one shot, it’s an average of shots. A good fitter can differentiate among good and bad shots to ensure you get the right specifications for new sticks.

if i got fit for my driver a year ago, is there any reason to get fit for another new driver this year? what if i was fit three years ago? five years ago?

Get fit when you feel like you’re not getting the most out of your equipment. If that’s a year, then, yes, get fit, but more likely it’s going to be every three to five years. Sometimes you don’t feel like you’re getting everything from your clubs, but you really are. A fitting will confirm that, and you can have the confidence that you’re playing your best. That said, during a three-week period last year, we tested every piece of new 2018 equipment with 20 golfers of different handicaps, most of whom had recently been fit. We found that in each category – driver, fairway woods, hybrids, irons, wedges and putters – there was always one piece of new gear that provided an improvement over a golfer’s existing equipment.

i know my specs, know what i like. what is a fitter going to tell me that i don’t already know?

A lot! First of all, are you aware that your “specs” might not apply to the clubs you’re looking to purchase? Specs aren’t the same from brand to brand, or even within the same manufacturer. I can show any golfer within a few minutes whether their specs match the clubs they want to buy. Even if you think you know what you like, chances are you haven’t tried everything. Trust me. There are so many models and aftermarket shafts that might work better for your game.

why wouldn’t i choose the driver that produced the single longest hit of all the ones i tried?

Golf is not a home-run sport. The best driver for you might not be the longest. Example: driver A’s longest hit is 280, but the average drive is 250. Driver B’s longest is 270, but the average is 260. I’ll give you Driver B all day. Pay attention to the dispersion, too. Launch monitors show you distance plus how far off line your shots fly. Drives that land in a fairway consistently roll farther and make the game easier. But be careful: a launch monitor sometimes gives the same roll to the shots that go straight and the ones that fly 40 metres off line and most likely out-of-bounds.

launch monitors are now used in iron fittings. what numbers matter?  

Start with ball speed, launch angle and spin rate. Then look at landing angle, launch direction and spin axis. The first three are the key to fitting full-swing clubs. A player who can optimise those will maximise distance and control. Among the next three, landing angle reveals a player’s ability to stop the ball on the green. If that angle drops below 40 degrees, shots won’t hold the green, especially if you’re going for a tucked pin. Launch direction and spin axis offer accuracy clues. Too much draw or hook means distance consistency will suffer. Distance is great, but control is how you score.

how do you know if my swings at the end of a fitting session are the same as the ones at the beginning?

Most people, including the pros, vary from swing to swing, at least a little. When we collect the data in a fitting, we look at the averages of all your swings. If you make a great swing and flush it once or twice, those might be the shots that you remember, but we don’t want to build your clubs around outliers. We want the clubs you receive from a fitting to give you playable results for your less-than-perfect swings as well.

is the driver the most important club in the bag to get fit for?

Driver is one of the most important, but we believe more people should get fitted for putters and wedges. Whether it’s understanding wedge gapping or knowing that different hosels match different putting strokes, the short game is the quickest way amateurs can shave strokes.

what are the keys to knowing one shaft is better for me than another?

There is no universally magic shaft that makes all drives go farther. But there might be a shaft that’s magical for you. When you find a shaft in the fitting that helps you produce a much more consistent and tighter impact location, that’s the one! Shaft to shaft, we don’t find a lot of variation in swing speed. But we do see a great deal of differences in terms of impact patterns on the face. Once you start making more consistent contact, it’s amazing how launch dynamics and results improve.


Where to go to get fit

Our list of 50 great australian clubfitters is the result of detailed polling of industry sources (including equipment manufacturers) and our nearly 200-member course-ratings panel. We also considered submissions and reader recommendations of the hundreds of facilities (shops, fitting studios, golf courses, practice ranges, teaching academies). If you can’t find the right fit here, you’re not looking hard enough!

Australian Capital Territory

Mike Seres

Pete’s Golf Connection, ACT
(02) 6232 6611

New South Wales

Lee Hunt

Bankstown GC, NSW
(02) 9773 0628

Graeme Stockley

Belmont Golf Club, NSW
(02) 4945 2058

Shane Wieck

Canterbury Golf Course, NSW
(02) 9759 5444

Matthew Allen

Coffs Harbour Golf Club, NSW
(02) 6652 3266

Mark  Alison

Concord Golf Club, NSW
(02) 9743 6111

Darren Chivas

Everglades Country Club, NSW
(02) 4341 3399

Jason Laws

Jason Laws Academy, NSW
(02) 4928 1664

Bobby Walia

Moore Park Golf Course, NSW
(02) 9662 5109

Nick Odze

Power Golf-Castle Hill, NSW
(02) 9634 1477

Ray Hawkins

Precision Golf, NSW
(02) 9417 7704

Glenn Whittle

Tempe Driving Range, NSW
(02) 9559 1162

Simon Deep

Terrey Hills Driving Range, NSW
(02) 9450 2155

Josh Rindfleish

The Australian Golf Club, NSW
(02) 9663 2515

Dan Goodes

The Ridge Golf Complex, NSW
(02) 9541 4960

Steve Aisbett

Thornleigh Golf Centre, NSW
(02) 9875 5445

Northern Territory

Stephen Tieck

Alice Springs Golf Club, NT
(08) 8952 6575


Lee Eagleton

Brisbane Golf Club, QLD
(07) 3848 1008

Zane Navie

Cool Clubs, QLD
0478 913 929

Craig Parker

Indooroopilly Golf Club, QLD
(07) 3721 2122

Jeff Reid

Mackay Golf Club, QLD
(07) 4942 1521

Sean Seymour

Maroochy River Golf Club, QLD
(07) 5457 0900

Peter Harrington

Palm Meadows Driving Range, QLD
(07) 5594 2666

Chris Gibson

Royal Queensland Golf Club, QLD
(07) 3633 6500

Shane Revell

The House of Golf Bundall, QLD
(07) 5538 2699

Tim Lynch

Victoria Park Golf Complex, QLD
(07) 3252 0666

South Australia

Shane Robinson

Glenelg Golf Club, SA
(08) 8350 3200

Cameron Howell

Royal Adelaide Golf Club, SA
(08) 8356 8508

Warren  Mercer

The Grange Golf Club, SA
(08) 8356 3070

Chris West

The Range at O’Halloran Hill, SA
(08) 8358 3444


Matt Docking

Royal Hobart Golf Club, TAS
(03) 6248 6161

Aiden Withers

Seabrook Golf Club, TAS
(03) 6442 2173


Bryan Ferguson

Albert Park Driving Range, VIC
(03) 9696 4653

Ashley Andrews

Barwon Heads Golf Club, VIC
(03) 5255 6255

Andrew Long

Black Bull Golf Course, VIC
(03) 5744 0044

Mark Auhl

Cranbourne Golf Club, VIC
(03)  5991 3400

Warren Young

Centenary Park Golf Course, VIC
(03) 9789 1480

Matthew Tudor

Golf Fitting Hub, VIC
(03) 9510 5588

Mark Jackson

Melton Valley Golf Club, VIC
(03) 9743 2590

Brian Fitzgerald

Morack Golf Course, VIC
(03) 9801 4479

Alan Patterson

Patterson River Golf Club,VIC
(03) 9772 1972

Euan Walters

Riversdale Golf Club, VIC
(03) 9807 1411

Matt Bolton

Rosebud Country Club, VIC
(03) 5950 0888

Scott Barradell

The Eastern Golf Course, VIC
(03) 9739 0110

Craig Bonney

Warrnambool Golf Club, VIC
(03) 5562 8528

Western Australia

Rob Farley

Marangaroo Golf Course, WA
(08) 9247 1733

Vernon Sexton-Finck

Perth Golf Academy, WA
(08) 9332 7497

Brad Logan

Royal Perth Golf Club, WA
(08) 6436 4900

Tristan McCallum

Seaview Golf Course, WA
(08) 9384 8879

Mark  Patriarca

Wembley Golf Complex, WA
(08) 6280 1300

*Australian Golf Digest approached Titleist (Australia/NZ) but they declined to participate in the feature, while TaylorMade Golf South Pacific did not respond to our requests at time of print.