The new Titleist 4UP StaDry™ stand bag provides golfers with the ultimate in lightweight waterproof performance.

Now available in Australian and New Zealand golf shops, the 4UP StaDry stand bag combines a high-tech lightweight construction with advanced waterproof technology for exceptional versatility and durability. At just 1.3kg, it is the lightest Titleist stand bag ever.

Titleist 4UP StaDryThe development process for 4UP StaDry concentrated on cutting-edge design technologies and materials, quality workmanship and an extensive PGA Professional and player testing process.

The result is “4UP,” a designation that refers to the bag’s high performance advantages – Lightweight, Durable, Waterproof and Titleist.

The 4UP design features a lightweight, durable nylon waterproof shell with a three-way divider, foam-padded straps for comfort and cushioning, as well as ample storage room and protection.

The bag’s performance-grade aluminium legs are tough and durable but extremely light, while the new Active Recoil Stand System reduces weight and allows for easy activation.

Titleist 4UP StaDryFast Facts:

• A durable nylon waterproof shell, with four waterproof seam-sealed pockets – apparel, golf balls, side-panel and valuables – provides ample storage.

• The ergonomic design optimises weight distribution for balance, and minimises back strain and fatigue for golfers who prefer to carry their bag.

• A new lightweight EVA base, consisting of closed cell foam with a uniform structure, reduces weight and is resistant to weather and absorption.

• A new Active Recoil Stand System reduces weight and allows for easy activation.

• The high-strength-to-weight plastic molded top is 7.5” in diameter with a three-way divider for maximum usable club space and accessible club Titleist 4UP StaDrymanagement and protection. Three new integrated handles provide added maneuverability.

• Performance-grade, lightweight aluminium legs provide strength and durability.

The new 4UP StaDry golf bag is offered in three colour combinations, including black/red, charcoal/orange, charcoal/lime.

Suggested Retail Price (SRP):  $369.00

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