1. Play a round with blades and persimmon woods

2. Play a competitive putt-putt match vs a friend

Those windmills and waterfalls look cute now. See if those sentiments remain if you have to bank one off Stone Mountain and through sand traps to beat your buddy.

3. Host a charity outing

Golf? Great. Golf outings? Greater. Golf outings whose proceeds go to a good cause? Simply the greatest, my friend. Go to http://celebrityclassic.jacknewtongroup.com to see what we mean.

4. Night Golf

5. Pilgrimage to Scotland

6. Build your own backyard hole

7. Successfully execute a Happy Gilmore swing

8. Get into a contentious match play event

9. Try to get in as many holes in one day as possible

You’ve read about. You’ve heard about it. Chances are you’ve seen it. Now make sure you experience it. Cape Wickham and Ocean Dunes have put King Island on the golf map – and they’re waiting for you. See www.oceandunes.com.au or capewickham.com.au

12. Make a hole-in-one