There’s an old saying, “horses for courses” but this is ridiculous.

A golfer searching for his ball escaped certain injury/probable death after he walked right into the path of galloping horses during Saturday’s $125,000 Great Northern Steeplechase at Ellerslie, New Zealand.

Viewers – and jockeys! – were left shellshocked when a golfer, playing the pitch-and-putt course inside Ellerslie’s racetrack in Auckland, somehow ended up on the wrong side of the rails and right smack-bang in the middle of the steeplechase track after an apparent wayward shot.

As the footage below shows, the golfer was completely oblivious to the fact one of the country’s biggest races was taking place right where his ball had landed. It sparked dangerous and hilarious scenes as the commentator let everyone know what he really thought:

Two things:

(1.) How does one hit a ball so wayward on a “pitch and putt” course?

(2.) Yes, that was respected caller George Simon calling the wandering golfer an “absolute d***head” during the race.

Ellerslie has a shortened golf course and a driving range inside the actual track the horses race on.

The hacker reportedly escaped charges but will no doubt be referred to a local pro for lessons.