WARNING: This was only ever going to end one way. I mean, just look at this kid’s swing plane [above].

They say you’ve got to be tough to wear the baggy green for Australia. But it appears you’ve got to be even tougher to father a budding, young golf pro with a wild swing.

Former Test cricketer Greg Blewett learnt the hard way this morning, that if you’re silly enough to stand in the firing line, you’ve got to be prepared to get hit. And by hit we mean absolutely SMASHED!

But we’re not talking about facing a raging Curtly Ambrose here … no, no, no. Blewett, whose eldest son Sam is already an internet star thanks to his talents in the game, posted a video this morning of him laying flat on the ground with a golf ball teed up on his forehead. Yes, that’s right – on his FOREHEAD!

With youngest son Rory ready to take aim and Sam looking on, what happened next was shockingly painful, cringeworthy and strangely addictive to watch:

It’s not the first time Blewett has felt the wrath of his sons’ golf swings. He was brave (or stupid!) enough to put himself in an almost identical position with Sam about a year ago. See below:

In a previous interview with Australian Golf Digest, Blewett revealed his boys hadn’t caused any major damage to the house.

“Touch wood, (they) haven’t broken anything around the house yet. We installed thick windows to cater for (them),” he said.

As for damage to their father, well there’s no sign of that stopping anytime soon. FORE!