These days, no one asks tougher questions of golfers than European Tour reporter Billy. And he can get away with it. Because he’s nine years old.

The innocent-looking interviewer is back, and his latest subject victim is Rory McIlroy. Billy questioned the four-time major champ on a variety of topics, from Donald Trump to Tiger Woods to McIlroy’s ex-fiancee, Caroline Wozniacki. Well, sort of.

Billy made McIlroy squirm (and laugh) by asking him who “his favourite girl tennis player” is? Check out that hilarious/awkward exchange at the 2:20 mark, but seriously, just watch the entire six-minute interview that also includes the good-natured McIlroy nearly holing a wedge shot and the two doing cannonballs into a swimming pool:

As for Tiger, Billy asks, “If I meet him, should I ask him for career advice or chat-up lines?” “Chat-up lines,” McIlroy responds. “He’s been pretty successful in both areas.”

And what about the President-elect of the United States? Who would McIlroy text back first, Trump or Niall Horan? “Text Niall back first. Let Trump wait a little bit. Let him sweat it out.”

Finally, the interview concludes with Billy giving McIlroy a box of socks as an early Christmas present with his wedding to Erica Stoll approaching.


Why? “Just in case you get cold feet again.”

Brilliantly done, Billy.