The World No. 1 arrived at Pinehurst No. 2 on Thursday with a fresh haircut. And people were talking. Oh, they were talking.

Scottie Scheffler showed up to his first-round tee time with his head mowed more closely than Pinehurst’s slick greens. Not surprisingly, Golf Twitter pounced with plenty of jokes about the new do.

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Before we get to those, here’s what Scheffler’s hair (underneath his cap) looked like on Wednesday:


Alex Slitz

Pretty standard. Maybe getting a little scraggly, especially the sideburns, but nothing too crazy. However, with temps in the 90s in North Carolina this week, maybe Scheffler wanted a little less fur (he also shed the beard he’s been rocking of late). In any matter, he visited Monti the Barber on the eve of the tournament:

Love that U.S. Open barber cape, by the way. And here’s how it turned out:

Interesting. Now, we’re sure Monti does a nice job. He posted photos with several other players this week, including Tiger Woods, so he’s a trusted barber. But Scottie’s extra high-and-tight look was certainly drawing looks on Thursday:

Tough crowd. But . . . they kind of have a point. Although, nothing will ever top Rickie Fowler’s Olympics haircut. For our money, though, given Scheffler’s run-in with the law at the last major, here was our favorite reaction:

Boom, roasted. And butchered. Sorry, Scottie. Anyway, while the USGA will continue to mow the rest of this week, Sccheffler should be good for the rest of the summer.

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