If you’re traveling to the Masters this year, well, first of all, good for you. As we know, that’s as tough of ticket to grab in sports. Heck, you might have a better chance earning your way into the field than winning that lottery. But anyway, if you are going, we’ve got some good news.

Because getting down to Augusta is going to be easier than ever thanks to one airline.

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On Friday, Delta announced it is significantly expanding its number of flights to Augusta Regional Airport (AGS). In fact, the airline is promising nearly double the amount of seats to that destination from April 7-15 (Masters Monday is April 8).

Look, there’s so much negative news involving the airlines that we have to give credit when credit is due. And that’s a great job by Delta filling such a specific demand.

Most fans fortunate enough to attend the event fly to much bigger hubs like Charlotte and Atlanta (both of which are about a two-hour drive), but this should make flying to the smaller AGS much more accessible—and hopefully, affordable. Hey, this might even affect those golfers who haven’t quite made it to the private jet section of the airport.

Click here for a full breakdown of all the flights, including several new routes. OK, that’s is the end of this PSA. Wait, one more thing. Just remember this still has no bearing on your golf clubs arriving there safely.

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