Tiger Woods has been betrayed by much of his body with injuries through the years, causing him to play sparingly in recent years. But through it all, he’s always been able to count on his hands.

Which is why it was no surprise that the highlight from his first round of 2024 came from flashing his touch around the greens. There were other holes that Woods birdied during Day 1 of the Genesis Open, but none were as spectacular as this par save on Riviera’s 13th thanks to a brilliant flop shot.

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After getting out of position with both his tee shot and approach on the par 4, Woods was left with a tricky look from below the green, about 30 yards away. And he delivered this touch of class:

That’s midseason form right there. Heck, that’s vintage Tiger right there. Well, minus the new Sun Day Red duds, of course.

Overall, Woods’ Day was a pretty mixed bag—as to be expected from a guy making his first official PGA Tour start since last April. But it’s good to know he still has shots like this in his arsenal.

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