Looking to load up on golf balls? If you find out what golf course the below picture was taken at, you (and all your golf mates) will be set for life.

Thanks to one Reddit user – and via our friends at Caddie Network – we have an insane photo of giant bags of golf balls that was taken after one course decided to drain all its ponds as part of a redesign. See for yourself:


Look at all those golf balls that were sent to a watery grave! As if we needed another reminder that us weekend hackers are bad at golf.

Doing some quick and impressive maths, one Reddit user estimated there to be 23,375 golf balls in the photo. Wow.


And according to the original poster, the course plans to “pick out the decent ones and sell them for charity”. You love to hear it. Although, if it’s local golfers buying them, you can guarantee most will be right back in those ponds once they’re filled up again.