Jake Owen proved in his professional golf foray last summer that he can take the occasional haymaker as well as he can dish them. A good thing, because – by the sounds of Owen’s interview with Barstool Sports – the country music star received a mean uppercut at the hands of Phil Mickelson.

In a snippet released by Barstool’s Fore Play podcast, Owen relayed the story of attending Jordan Spieth’s wedding last year, and the nuptials happened to come a day after the infamous Mickelson-Tiger Woods match. Owen apparently shared the sentiments of many in the golf community: that the made-for-TV spectacle was a bit of a dud. So when he saw Mickelson at the wedding, Owen – prodded by some liquid courage – decided to give the five-time Major winner a piece of his mind.

Unfortunately for Owen, no one escapes a jam like Phil Mickelson. Or does so with such gusto:

On the bright side, Owen now has inspiration for a new song: “He broke my heart with his wallet.”