Augusta National’s real nerve centre

The most important place in golf might be the large oak tree outside the Augusta National clubhouse. Nearby, they also play a golf tournament.

Judge stops sale of Masters green jackets – for now

Just days after Augusta National Inc. – the company that owns Augusta National Golf Club and the Masters tournament – filed a federal lawsuit to stop the auctioning of three green jackets, a judge ruled in its favour. At least, for now.

Single-length irons: Can one size fit all?

David Edel, the golf inventor who developed the single-length irons that originally helped make Bryson DeChambeau famous, thinks the best way to understand the concept is to go back to the theories of a heretical Franciscan friar of the 14th century. Really. Crudely put, William of Ockham’s theory, now known as Ockham’s razor, goes like Read more…