Apart from the only two viable candidates for America’s highest position of power bickering about their handicaps live on CNN in front of the entire world, the biggest non-professional golf story of the week has been that of Sauce Gardner.

The New York Jets’ Pro Bowl cornerback picked up the sticks about two weeks ago and has been bitten by the golf bug harder and faster than just about anyone we’ve ever seen. Gardner spent much of the week sharing his golf game on Twitter, soaking up advice from anyone and everyone willing to offer it. Eventually clips of Gardner’s swing made it all the way to Rocket Mortgage Classic, where a host of PGA Tour pros were asked their thoughts on Gardner’s fledgling (but already impressive) skills. Their reactions pretty much said it all.

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“I like the possibilities.” “He’s going to be pretty good, pretty quick.” “He’s a lot better than I was two weeks in.” “That’s crazy.” That’s high praise coming from some of the planet’s best golfers, but from the looks of things, Gardner deserves it. On Thursday, he played his first-ever 18-hole round and shot 90. Some of us (not naming any names) have to work a year or two to accomplish that feat. Gardner managed it in a fortnight.

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With NFL training camp just around the corner, you might think Gardner is due for some regression, but the former Defensive Rookie of the Year says he’s already installing a simulator at his house. That should keep him busy during those off-hours and nasty New Jersey winters so by next spring he’s ready to hit the fairways running.

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