Michael Jordan is about four things: basketball, sneakers, gambling and golf. The man has been known to make a bet or seven, and with such a competitive spirit, you know he’s doing his due diligence ahead of the 2023 Ryder Cup. MJ has been a Ryder Cup staple for decades, so we trust his takes when it comes to this international golf showdown.

It’s a bit of a surprise then that Jordan is leaning on Europe this go-around. The Hall of Famer has been a U.S. zealot in years past, but being a fan isn’t going to help his wallet. Picking the right side is all that truly matters in love and sports betting.

“He tipped the Europeans to win,” Luke Donald told The Guardian. “Take whatever you want out of that one.

“He is a good friend. He would be very supportive of me having a great experience. I think ultimately he wants the US to win.”


Jamie Squire

MJ has attended every Ryder Cup since Valderrama in 1997, but he won’t be making the Italian trek this year as “something came up.” Just because he can’t make it, however, doesn’t mean that he won’t be putting his money where his mouth is. One would assume.

Jordan spoke about the Ryder Cup with Stephen Curry back in 2021 and stated that if he were in the event, he’d prefer to be on the road. That’s not shocking when it comes to a stone-cold killer like MJ.

“I love playing on the road. It seems as though your concentration level is much better. You know you’re not expected to win so you can have the opportunity to prove the unknown. A lot of times when you play at home, you let your hair down, you get relaxed, you see more friends and family, you gotta worry about tickets and so many other different things.

“I always loved playing on the road because it minimized my thought process and I could focus on my craft. I would imagine if I was playing in the Ryder Cup, I would much rather play in Europe than play at home.”

Hopefully, the American players feel the same way. If not, Jordan’s prediction is going to look pretty damn good come Sunday.

This article was originally published on golfdigest.com