By Evin Priest

IF YOU’RE not a fan of how Aussie golfer Robert Allenby talks to caddies on the US PGA Tour, you probably won’t like how the 44-year-old talks to fans and the media on Twitter.

Following the four-times US PGA Tour winner’s spectacular on-course fallout with former caddie Mick Middlemo at the Canadian Open last week – during which he is alleged to have repeatedly called the bagman a “fat c—” – we scrolled through Allenby’s Twitter page and found similar interactions.

When a life-size cardboard poster of fellow tour pro Adam Scott had its teeth coloured in with a permanent marker at last year’s Australian PGA Championship, freelance sports commentator Luke Elvy asked Allenby if he knew who defaced the cutout of the 2013 Masters champion.

It prompted a response of epic proportions …

However, the two did appear to patch things up, with Elvy acknowledging Allenby’s incredible work with the Challenge Cancer Support Network.

One fan named Tim Glove also experienced an Allenby reaction, but has since deleted his tweet to Allenby.

And as @mattyob16 learned, Allenby doesn’t appreciate being told he has lost any Australian qualities since moving to the US.

Sometimes, Allenby doesn’t even need a target …

However, he can show his warm side …

– @Evin Priest