As a promising junior golfer growing up in Sydney, Claudia Lim didn’t consider what might be possible through the PGA of Australia’s Membership Pathway Program (MPP).

With her attention focused solely on establishing a playing career, Lim’s perception of the MPP was that it was little more than a back-up plan; an option when your preferred options ran out.

She spent four years at Ohio State University but persistent back injuries meant that a life on tour was unlikely.

Lim spent some time away from the game, reconnected by doing an internship as a strength and conditioning coach at Precision Athletica at Sydney Olympic Park and was State Manager for a Golf NSW team boasting Stephanie Kyriacou, Doey Choi and Kelsey Bennett and which won the 2018 Women’s Interstate Series final.

There was a six-month stint working in the pro shop at Castle Hill Country Club at which point PGA Professional David Northey raised the idea of what was formerly the PGA traineeship.

“A lot of my friends that I played junior golf with, when I went to college they did the traineeship at that time,” says Lim, who is currently employed as the Golf Operations Supervisor at Terrey Hills Golf & Country Club.

“Back then the perception was that if you don’t end up playing, you do the traineeship. And that’s kind of what I thought as well.

“But doing  it actually changed my view.

“You can continue to play, you can work, you can study and there are so many different avenues that you can go through.

“But back then I didn’t know that you could go in those different directions.”

Lim studied Sports Management at Ohio State and has gravitated towards pro shop operations since completing the Membership Pathway Program two years ago. Prior to beginning the MPP Lim had been given a lot of the responsibility for invoicing at Castle Hill and spent the majority of the program learning the ins and outs of golf shop operations as well as advancing Castle Hill’s junior program.

She maintains a passion for coaching but has found an affinity for the administrative aspect of keeping the golf operations at a golf club running smoothly.

“I really enjoy working in the shop, as well as coaching,” explains Lim.

“I pretty much do all the invoicing, shop management, stock and things like that. And then the other quarter of my work is teaching.”

Now forging a career in golf that she didn’t originally envision, Lim is now playing a part in encouraging other talented golfers to undertake the Membership Pathway Program. She points to the success of European Tour player Deyen Lawson as proof that you can continue to pursue a playing career, but now knows that the breadth of opportunities in golf is far greater by completing the MPP.

“Now because I’ve finished, some of the juniors that I’ve met I have mentioned the Membership Pathway Program,” Lim says.

“I tell them my story and then they realise that the program is not what they thought it was.

“Initially I didn’t know what was in the program. I just thought people did it and then you just get stuck in the shop and that it’d be boring. That was my initial thought but it’s actually really fun.”

• The PGA Membership Pathway Program provides a platform to gain varied and valuable training and education within golf. To register your interest in applying for the MPP visit