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Your PGA Professionals: Education key to Mercieca’s coaching

Joel Mercieca has students that he has been working with for almost a decade. He knows that if he doesn’t get better as a coach, he can’t hope to progress them to their full potential as players.

Ever since completing his PGA qualifications in 2011, Mercieca has been on a constant search for continual improvement.

PGA Professionals: Holmes brings tech to the masses at Narooma

Technology upgrades are now part of our daily life. Whether it’s an app update, a new phone or a car that drives itself we are in a constant search for the latest way to make our lives more efficient and – let’s be frank – fun.

PGA Professionals: Life Lessons – Kyle Francis

xley Golf Club PGA Professional Kyle Francis recently celebrated his 50th year as a Member of the PGA of Australia. He shares his early influences in the game, the legacy he has created and the greatest gift the game has given him.