It’s a real shame we already put together Golf’s Turkeys of the Year, because this woman would have definitely made the list.

We’re sorry to pile on, and we hope she got her car out in one piece. Literally. But this is too crazy of a #fail not to share:

That’s an all-time “GOD DAMNIT!” right there as she makes contact with a metal pole. And how about the incredible play-by-play of the golf going on (“Oh, you got lucky. Hey, good, bad shot!”) as someone in the group films the hopeless driver? Someone pointed out they should have helped the woman, and in the comments, the poster says they did, but that “it got worse.” Tough scene.

Seriously, how does that happen? Was this a Michael Scott situation where he’s convinced the GPS wants him to drive into a lake. “THE MACHINE KNOWS!” Otherwise, it makes no sense.

Maneuvering a golf cart on a cartpath can be tricky enough, but a full-sized car?! When there are other golf carts already in the way?

Anyway, let this be a PSA to all: Do NOT drive your car down a narrow cartpath. Even if the GPS tells you to do so.

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