Michelle Wie is ditching her infamous table-top putting style for something she found on Google. Well, sort of.

It seems Wie made use of a two-week break in the LPGA’s schedule to discover and try out different variations of a “claw” grip with a “regular stance” on the greens. Her putting change became public ahead of this week’s ISPS Handa Women’s Australian Open. Here’s a photo shared by the tournament’s Twitter handle.

And here’s a look at the table-top method, which she managed to win a US Open with:

Wie was asked about the drastic shift in styles (Although, switching back to a regular stance seems easier that contorting your body like that) in her pre-tournament press conference. That’s when she mentioned her extensive Google searches.

Q. Michelle, I noticed on the putting green that you were standing up a lot straighter, if you could talk me through that and also you’ve got new equipment as well.

MICHELLE WIE: Yeah, I’m finally back to the regular stance. My coach and I have been working on it and just trying to be a little bit more flowing, a little more athletic. I stuck with the table top for very long and you know, sometimes you just need a different feel and just try and get out and it feels comfortable.

Q. And you’re using the claw grip I believe?

MICHELLE WIE: I am, yeah. I’ve tried every single type of claw in the last two weeks when I was practicing, but it feels good.

Q. This one is the kind of Sergio Garcia style one, is it?

MICHELLE WIE: I definitely Googled “The claw”. You should see my research searches, I Googled every one and I liked Phil’s claw, Sergio’s claw. I tried everything out and it feels good. It kind of is fun to try out different grips – it’s amazing how you can make putts doing pretty much anything, but this feels most comfortable to me and, we’ll see.

“I definitely Googled ‘The Claw.'” File that under phrases never uttered by Bobby Jones.