For those lucky enough to attend the Masters, the merchandise centers are a great way to commemorate the trip and bring home keepsakes for those back home unable to attend. Our editors are experts at ffinding the best mementos, so we asked them to share their favorite items collected over the years.

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Augusta National and the Masters treat the media incredibly well. The media center is unparalleled. The Monday lottery allows selected media to play the course the Monday after the Masters. Also, if you are lucky enough to cover the event as an accredited journalist for 20 years, you are granted a badge for a spouse, friend or family member to attend the Masters.

That was my good fortune in 2019. After decades of hearing me talk about the Masters and Augusta National, my wife Terry got to experience it first-hand. From taking pictures of Tiger, Phil and Bubba to the Par 3 Contest to a stroll around Amen Corner, it truly was a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

There also was a trip to the merchandise shop to purchase the requisite shirt and pullover with the logo, but I wanted something that would endure as long as the memories. A flowery-looking (green and pink) coffee mug—or in her case, a tea mug—fit the bill. Although not her everyday ego-to mug, it gets heavy use in spring and obviously during Masters. Week, bringing back the good vibes from a memorable week. At least until I drop it. — E. Michael Johnson

In The Ruff

They let dogs roam the fairways at the Old Course on Sundays, but the closest Rizzo, my 4-year-old Cavachon, can expect to get to Augusta National, would be this Masters-themed leash purchased ahead of the surreal COVID-19 tournament in 2020. I forget the price, but since we’ve utilized it three walks a day, 365 days a year ever since, it still has to be the most cost-efficient piece of Masters swag this side of a $5 beer cup. Beyond just functional, the leash gives Rizzo a decided edge in sophistication over her friends in the neighborhood. Those dogs would sniff any lawn looking for their chance to take care of business. If Rizzo were here, I’d like to think she would hold it until she left the grounds. — Sam Weinman Keeping the Keepsakes in Budget

As a golf sicko, I knew about the Masters shop long before going to the Masters for the first time in 2016. I made a deal with myself, I was going to choose something I really liked, not check the price, take it home and enjoy it. I walked in and saw one of the workers wearing a nice quarter-zip. I asked where to find it and went to that section. I asked someone for my size and they presented me with the top in a bag, thus the price was in full display. It read $495. Too embarrassed to hand it back, I took and dropped it somewhere nearby. I bought a pair of beer koozies instead. I still use them often and always drink a beer on Masters Sunday in them! —Jamie Kennedy

Buckets of Fun copy.jpg

My first Masters as a mom in 2021, I wanted to fill my daughter’s entire wardrobe with Masters mementos. I brought back onesies, an adorable green dress for her to grow into and my absolute favorite Masters merchandise purchase, a baby bucket hat. She wore it every summer … and what’s cuter than a baby in a bucket hat? Even better, when she grew out of it, we were able to pass it down to her brother who looks just as cute in it! — Meredith Bausback

Mastering Jorts

I’ve only been to one Masters so far, and I certainly made it count in the merch shop. My favorite purchase, by far, is this tasc Performance green hoodie with the Masters logo on it. Not only is it the perfect color scheme, but it’s lightweight and perfect for those high 50s, low 60s golf rounds in early spring or mid-to-late fall. I also love to wear it out and about, because, as I’ve learned, you could wear a pair of jorts out and still get compliments so long as they had the Masters logo on them. Another reason I love this hoodie so much? I wore it a total of two times after purchasing it last year (wasn’t exactly cheap), and then I thought I lost it. Legitimately could not find it for nearly a year until a few weeks ago I began rearranging my closet and there it was, buried amongst a sea of sweatshirts I never wear. It will now never leave my sight again. — Chris Powers

Hat’s all folks! masters-merchandise-hats-t-shirts.jpg

Martin Miller/Augusta National

I just want to put it in writing here that I have yet to go to the Masters. Yes, I understand why (seniority and whatnot), but I’m available if anyone out there, Golf Digest included, wants to +1 me. I’ve never been to the Augusta National merchandise shop—I imagine it looks a lot like Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory with a lot more bald spots—but I do have a treasured item from that very store due to some generosity from our very own Stephen Hennessey. The fellow New Jerseyan and GD employee brought me back a white Masters hat a few years ago out of the goodness of his heart, and now I wear it with reckless abandon. I’ve also worn it while playing tennis, but please don’t tell that to Fred Ridley. — Greg Gottfried

Picture(s) perfect

My wife and I first discovered the talents of Lee Wybranksi at the 2008 U.S. Open. The artist has painted golf courses around the world for years, but his watercolor print, in vintage travel poster style, of Torrey Pines—the golf course, its signature tree and paragliders floating in the distance—was so beautiful that it was a must-have memento of the first major championship played in our hometown. From then on, any U.S. Open held on the West Coast was an excuse to buy a Wybrankski— Pebble Beach, Olympic Club, Chambers Bay. Torrey Pines again. And we added smaller prints of the Walker Cup and U.S Open at Los Angeles Country Club. They were made all the more appealing by the fact that Wybranski pre-signed them—adding a personal touch.

The pictures were framed and went up quickly in our den among other keepsakes from covering golf tournaments for more than two decades. Then, to our delight, Wybranski began producing paintings to commemorate the Masters. These were a bit different than the Open posters, more muted colors and delicate detail. The 2023 edition, for example, is a rendition of Augusta’s 13th hole and 14th tee. with hundreds of patrons shown. Another favorite is 2021 captures the packed grandstands overlooking 15th green—a poignant celebration after the emptiness of the fall pandemic Masters.

Anyway, those paintings from Augusta National needed a home, so we have a “Masters bathroom” that was presciently painted light green long before they arrived. There’s space for three framed prints, so when a new one is acquired each April, an older one goes into the closet and the others are rotated. A bit nutty? Maybe. But in our house, there’s nothing quite like the Masters and Lee Wybanski works of art. We can’t wait what memory he’s painted for us this year. — Tod Leonard

Major Key masters-merchandise-check-out.jpg

Martin Miller/Augusta National

My Masters keychain is my most-loved item from the Masters merch area. It’s a nice daily reminder that golf season is just around the corner when battling brutal New York winters and is as classic as it is durable. Originally a solid steal from my dad, this keychain predates Trevor Immelman’s victory back in 2008 and is still like new. — Maddi MacClurg

“I think they’re classy”

Masters coasters: I remember buying these things eight years ago after my wife and I had moved into our house and thinking I had struck gold. Instead, she banished them to the basement. But I think they’re classy, and still get good use out of them. Plus, the kids love playing with them more than some of their toys! Which, I guess, is another reason to keep them in the basement. — Alex Myers

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